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Effective search engine optimisation is essential for most business, particularly service-based businesses. You don’t need me to tell you that – it’s 2020. Despite that, most businesses in the UK are either neglecting their SEO, or they’re paying through the nose to have low-quality optimisation carried out on their behalf. I’ve worked for good SEO agencies and bad SEO agencies. I’ve seen salespeople promise their clients results that they have no intention of delivering, and I’ve seen talented, technical people deliver great results which aren’t appreciated.

I’ve worked as both a freelance SEO and an agency SEO consultant. I know what to do to make website friendlier to Google and other search engines. More importantly, I know why certain things need to be done.

I’m primarily a content writer, and here would be a good opportunity to shout, “Content is King!” and hold my hand out for a paycheque.

Unfortunately, great content isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to SEO. It’s an extremely important part of a larger campaign, don’t get me wrong, but without the right optimisation, the right research and the right technical support, even the best pieces of content will just sit on a server with few readers, little engagement and no attention.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services

I can provide a complete range of SEO services for businesses, brands and websites of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for technical SEO, SEO content writing or initial set up, I can help. I have years of experience as an SEO consultant for websites with a local, national or international focus. I’ve delivered real results when it comes to increasing site users, conversions and brand engagement.

As a freelance SEO, I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, including eCommerce sites, brochure sites and more. I can work to improve the on-page search engine optimisation, in addition to performing technical SEO. Whether you’re looking to develop your backlink profile, improve your site speed or enjoy visible results from enhanced on-page SEO, I can help.

If you want to quickly improve your site’s rankings and develop long-term best practices to really benefit your websites, I am here for you. By developing a long-term strategy to develop a strong, search engine-friendly approach, you can drastically improve your site’s rankings for positions.

Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is the cornerstone of any great SEO campaign. By identifying the right keywords, you can ensure that you are working towards the most effective results. Targeting the wrong keywords can results in high rankings, but with no real improvements in engagement, traffic volume or profits. By carrying out effective keyword research at the start of your campaign, you can lay a suitable groundwork for your SEO campaign.

Using industry-leading software and many years’ experience, I can help you to find the perfect keywords to suit your SEO campaign’s needs. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of a local SEO campaign, or something on a more national scale, I am here to help. I can ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords for your products, services and locations. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch through my simple online contact form!

Local SEO Campaign

tLocal SEO is a strong strategy for local businesses, particularly service-based businesses. However, these campaigns can be difficult to get right. I’ve seen local campaigns run into a wide range of problems, including keyword cannibalisation and duplicate content. By developing a strong local SEO campaign, supported by high-quality content and effective research, you can ensure that your site appears for local keywords. Whether you want to take a local approach to your SEO, or you want to offer your products and services across the UK, I can help. Local SEO campaigns are an effective way of improving your rankings across your local area.

Local campaigns are based on the strategy of ranking for specific search terms in a variety of local areas. These campaigns are ideal for small to medium businesses, in addition to large companies offering products and services across the UK. So, whether you’re looking to increase your local rankings, or improve your site’s positions across the UK, I can help.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for agency SEO in Wigan or elsewhere in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.