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I’m passionate about great content. That’s what drives me. I believe it’s possible to create great, unique and informative content for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I also believe that developing brand-focused content shouldn’t just be available to big, international companies. That’s why I’m proud to offer freelance content writing in the Wigan and elsewhere in the UK. As I’m based in Wigan, in North-West, I primarily deal with local businesses, but I’m happy to work alongside companies from anywhere in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

I have many years’ experience when it comes to creating dynamic content for businesses from all industries. In addition to my practical experience as a freelancer and agency copywriter, I also hold both a BA and an MA in writing.

Freelance Content Writing Wigan

I take pride in creating quality content. I love the English language, and I love adapting it to meet the needs of companies and individuals across the UK. So, whatever your content needs, I’m here for you. I can work to tight deadlines without any drop in quality; ideal for fast-paced businesses where content turnaround is essential.

Even if you aren’t sure what your site’s content needs are, I can still help. I can work with you to identify weak points in your content and strengthen them. Whether you’re struggling to convert users into customers, or bring in more traffic with engaging, optimised copy, I really can help your website to grow and develop.

Looking for Quality Content Writing?

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced freelance content writer, get in touch today!

Fast, Brand-Focused Website Content

I can work with you to create engaging and persuasive content for your online presence. Whether you’ve built the site yourself, opted for a simple Wix site or had a website professionally developed, I can write unique content for you. Without great content, even the best site is going to struggled to attract users and convert them into customers or members.

I’ve written content for hundreds of websites, helping to show off the site’s unique personality while informing and engaging the reader. From small, one-page sites to thousand-page eCommerce sites, my content writing services have proven essential.

As part of my client-focused service, I can work from sites in development to legacy websites, depending on your needs. Whether you’ve had a new website built, or your want to improve engagement and conversions on your older site, I’m here to help.

As an experienced freelance content writer and passionate copywriter in Wigan, I can help you turn your site into a real piece of your marketing strategy. Brand-focused content with multiple, powerful calls to action can have a real impact on your site’s sales, drive memberships and cause enquiries to sky-rocket!

Over the years, I’ve written for all kinds of websites and online presences, including:

    • Responsive Websites
    • Brochure Sites
    • eCommerce Websites

    • Social Profiles
    • Directory Pages
    • Specific Pages on Shared Sites

For more information on my content writing services, and how I can help your business or website, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! I’m happy to talk through your site’s content, offer advice and even native English-speaking proofreading services as required.

Freelance SEO Content Writing Services

I can create optimised content for any industry and online presence, from eCommerce product descriptions to Brochure sites and specific landing pages. Whether you’re looking for a complete optimisation strategy, or specific pieces of SEO content writing in the Wigan or elsewhere in the UK, I can help. In addition to working as a freelance copywriters and agency content creator, I also have extensive experience as an SEO consultant.

I’m able to work with you to create fully-optimised content, matching the best keyword densities and features for your website. I can work with you to create unique, online copy for your site to help your rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines.

Whether you’re looking to quickly improve your site’s rankings with unique, SEO content writing services, or you plan on developing a long-term strategy supported by engaging, search engine friendly content, get in touch today.

Local SEO Landing Page Writing Services

One of the most effective kinds of SEO, in my experience, is local search engine optimisation. The only downside for many companies is that this strategy requires a great deal of optimised content for specific local areas. This content needs to be unique to prevent duplicate content penalties, written for conversions and optimised for local areas and search terms – all without losing your unique brand identity or quality.

I can write local landing pages and geo-targeted pages for local search engine optimisation campaigns. Whether you need completely fresh content, or you require optimisation and grammatical editing services for your local SEO campaign, get in touch with Kingfisher today. The sooner we start your local content creation, the quicker you, and your customers, will be able to see your site ranking in Google and other search engines.

Articles, Press Releases & Blog Posts

In addition to writing on-page content, I also write informative blogs, press releases and articles. I can write regular blogs to go on your own site, or engaging articles to earn backlinks, drive traffic and inform users about your business or brand. I can also create professional press releases for submission on other websites and email marketing campaigns.

Creating articles, press releases and even simple blog posts is time-consuming. Most businesses choose to have freelancers and external content creators deal with that side of their marketing. I’ve created articles for a wide range of businesses and sites over the years. So, whether you’re looking to earn backlinks as part of your SEO strategy, or raise awareness over your new products and services, I can help.

For more information, examples of my work or a casual chat about your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.